Entry #1


2008-08-26 14:46:38 by metroidrobot

Noooo!!! I thought my Martin Luther King Parody would get in! Probably everyone misunderstood it. Well then, for you who didn't get the chance of seeing it, I'm telling what's happening in it in the end of this post. To you who blammed this - I am NOT a racist. I am just trying to make a funny joke, but why? It was probably racistic, my bad, but you gotta admit it was good! Please!
PS. You heard me. I am NOT a racist. You who still says I am a racist are probably racists yourselves.

Ok, so my Martin Luther King Parody goes like this.
Martin Luther King stands in front of America's people, and says "People of the United States! I have a dream where black people and white people can hold hands like brothers and sisters!" and then a brown guy in the crowd says "What about brown people?" and then Martin Luther King says "Screw brown people!" and then the brown guy says "But you're brown!" and then Martin Luther King screams, and then the "TheEnd-Screen" shows up. Isn't that a good idea?


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2008-08-26 14:47:11

N****r got shot.


2008-08-26 14:56:54

maybe it was too short, the way you discribe it it should have been very short, try to make a longer, i personaly liked the joke.


2008-08-26 15:16:04

Sounds terrible.